Now featuring in Curatorial Vol. 2

I am excited to announce that Capsules Books have featured me in their latest edition “Curatorial Vol.2”. I am honoured to have been included in something alongside so many brilliant artists. 

Capsules Book is a company that give artists a platform to be found by anyone looking for new artwork. They bring out a new edition every few months (twice a year I think,) showcasing artists and a select few of their works and a blurb introducing the artist to the reader. If anyone is interested in an artist that has been featured, they can find their details on their page spread and look up some of their further works featured on the Capsules Book website. I don’t know what will come from this yet, but it’s nice to be included. I am also really enjoying flicking through my copy, looking at the other artists for my own inspiration and what drives them to do what they do. 

All proceeds from this book go to Book Aid International. A digital or hardback copy of Curatorial Vol.2 can be bought via the Capsules book website shop

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