At long last!

My first exposé has begun. I am thrilled to announce that as of yesterday, the 30th of September, until the 30th of November, my work is on display in Restaurant l’Escale, in le Châble, (Val de Bagnes, Valais, Switzerland.) I do hope you can come and have a look if you are in the area. Word to the wise: l’Escale have a cracking “chasse menu”. It’s game season to those that aren’t sure what that means…

I was very lucky to have had a few friends pop in while Gordon and I made a start on putting all my paintings up. We only had a small window of time while the restaurant was quiet to complete the task, as there were a few bookings due to arrive later. I was pretty relieved to have had those guys there to help.. we only just got it all up in time and it didn’t all go quite to plan, but we found solutions here and there thanks to my impromptu team of support! It being my first exhibition, I didn’t even consider how long it was going to take with all the practical bits, tying knots in nylon string, hammering in tacks etc.. It’s really good to see it up now, and I am very grateful for all the input I had from the others, practically and artistically. They actually saved the day… I vow to be more prepared or appropriately stressed next time..

A lot of the work I have on display there has been sitting around at home for some time (some of them years) and I never thought a venture such as this would have been possible. It is from all the encouragement (and badgering) of friends and family that I set out to find somewhere to put everything so that it can be appreciated. Not least, from my inability to stop creating and fill up a very small house with my artwork, I think I was (mildly) driving my husband up the wall.

It’s quite cathartic clearing out a space. It is helping me with what to do next. I am looking forward to starting new projects and exploring my art further.

Things are looking forward and I am excited. One of the most exciting things being a new house, which means a spare bedroom, otherwise known as a whole room for a studio.. And this time there are windows! You will not be able to stop me.. but until then, I will keep calm and carry on making do with my tiny, dark, unnaturally lit corner.. (in the living room, a mezzanine with a low ceiling..)

And until next time, watch this space..

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