Laura paints to celebrate her natural surroundings. Mountains are her passion and glaciers are like the icing on the cake. She aims to help more people appreciate our natural landscapes, the glaciers we have left, our beautiful lakes, wild rivers and our changing weather.

When you observe one of Laura’s paintings, you are given the opportunity to see the subject it how she saw it. They show her projections from her memories, the day she took her research. They reference the mood she had as she absorbed the panorama, the importance of the scene to her, and its colour, through her eyes. So, don’t be surprised if you discover colours where you hadn’t notice them before..

Laura’s technique requires the use of both brush and knife. This process of application allows her to create contrasts in texture, and a bolder and more confident finish to her work. 

To read more about Laura’s background views on her subject matter, click below for a full interview by “Capsules Book” where she is featured in their “Curatorial Vol 2”.

Pegasus 100×50 SOLD